Trust me, you’ll love it.

It’s an early December morning; bags are packed; we’ve stocked up on lots of padkos – water, food and snacks. The first leg of our trip has begun. We’re off to mountanious Clarens – a small town in the Free State.

Expectant. Butterflies – everywhere! I’ve always wanted to go to Clarens. For the art and beautiful landscapes. I could hardly contain myself. Nothing but vast land and sky as we leave the city behind. My mind dancing  to the tune in my heart – this day has finally arrived. Pure bliss.


I won’t lie – the trip wasn’t short! Don’t let anyone fool you and say: ”Oh! lets take a short-left to Clarens.” I sat and sat and yes, I sat – only because I had a designated driver ;). The views are spectacular, I marvelled at the splendour and serenity of our beautiful land. A road trip is the best way to experience our magnificent country. Looking at the unspoilt land and delving deeper as we drove on. I was falling in love with #MySouthAfrica.


Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see! The grand entrance to Clarens is enough to blow your mind and have your jaw on the floor for much longer than allowed. As if the gates of heaven have opened up. Entering a sacred space, I immediately felt drawn into a new world – unknown to me. Peaceful. Hidden. Sublime.


The mountains egulf us. How do I capture what I see with utter honesty? I take pictures of every corner, dip; climb and turn we see. Is it enough? This place makes you believe in something; greatness, science or a higher power. I am in awe…

IMG_20141220_102108 IMG_20141220_102146 IMG_20141218_141234 IMG_20141220_102600

You have to go to Clarens and experience it for yourself. You might just find yourself falling inlove with this beautiful place. One thing I know is that I’ll go back in search of peacefulness. Tranquility. Beauty.

Your life’s resolutions

  • Put your dreams and aspirations out into the universe. (Write them down)
  • Be active in your faith. (Work)
  • By chance or by devine intervention, watch things move in your favour. (Yes even those things you don’t want – are in your favour, it’s all part of the journey assigned to you.)

Take care

Nomfundo Peach

The power of thoughts


When you realise that you are responsible for your own life, life becomes a dare. Yes, you are in charge. After all, it’s your life. You may have played small, shied from your awesomeness and didn’t even believe you can be a slight reflection of the vision God has for your life.

  • We are products of our most predominant thoughts.
  • You are a product of your most predominant thoughts.
  • I am a product of my most predominant thoughts.

Get it? Whatever you keep telling yourself or believe about yourself – it’s true; whether good or bad. So, who then is to blame about the way you feel and how you perceive yourself?

It’s easy to say, stay positive, don’t think negatively; but years of negative thinking cannot be forgotten overnight, that is why a reprogramming of old thoughts is necessary – changing your thinking one day at a time.

Our minds can only bear good fruit if we plant good thoughts. I hope you will begin to analyse your thoughts and align them with your goals.  Allow yourself to think back to the origin of those negative thoughts; challenge your thinking and stop poisoning your life with negativity. And like a child learning something new, repeat and practice –  positive thoughts, positive words and breathe light into your life.

Once again:

  • We are products of our most predominant thoughts
  • You are a product of your most predominant thoughts
  • I am a product of my most predominant thoughts.

I listened to a speech by Marcus Garvey and his words like paint on canvas stuck to my mind: Mind creates; and as much as we desire in nature, we can have through the creation of our own minds. 

Take care,


Dear 13-year old Thando

Oh wow – such wordsmithery is sinful!

If only she knew then what you know now. But then again, you wouldn’t write to her. What a beautiful letter – the kind of stuff autobiographies are made of.

Dear Me


I wanted to write you a letter telling you about how you should avoid making bad decisions and all that, but I thought against it, because I want you to make the bad decisions, because I probably wouldn’t be where I am if you hadn’t. Some things you learn with time, right now you are exactly where you need to be. I wrote this letter on the off chance that you would somehow be able to read it.

We write, because we don’t want our life’s story to be told by our mistakes.  Let me start by saying, you are not your mistakes, nor the mistakes of others. You are not responsible for other people’s actions. Sure I know this now, but I wish you had known, so you could stop walking around with the shame of other people’s mistakes.

Hi, I’m future you. First off, let me commend…

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Entrepreneur with a conscience to be honoured by the royals – CNBC Africa

I attended a leadership talk yesterday, it was such an honour to receive first-hand advice from a seasoned leader such as Elias Masilela. He shared insights about what makes a leader. One of the most profound things he said was that a good leader leads from behind. Often we mistaken leadership for charisma or those who are on the forefront.

One person who embodies good leadership is Wendy Luhabe, doing work behind the scenes yet changing and impacting the lives of many. She will be given the title of Honourary Lieutenant of the royal Victorian Order. A prestigious honour. when asked about the honour she replied saying “I have already received my recognition, and that is the impact I make on the lives of people.” Her passion to uplift women and empower them is what drives her. True leader and inspiration.

Read more about Wendy Luhabe’s award from the British Royal Family here:

Entrepreneur with a conscience to be honoured by the royals – CNBC Africa.

Minister warns NAF artists to toe line

The last thing the art sector needs is a minister who has no idea about art or . Making demands, trying to coerce people to express themselves in a way acceptable to a particular group of people and worst of all turning our art narrative into a racial one.

It’s not about black versus white or (dis)respecting your elders when you have opposing views. Art is a form of expression. Every artists is entitled to freely express themselves.

Minister warns NAF artists to toe line – IOL Tonight |

What are your thoughts on the minister of Arts and Culture?

Age ain’t nothing but a number


The thing about time is that it is always moving. Time never stops. Oh how I loathe that! Birthdays are one of the many ways to see how time flies. I haven’t been much of a birthday fan after 21, it’s just the thought of getting old that gets to me. Do I want to stay forever young? Of course not. So, I started writing this post just before my birthday and its now two days later. It was such a special day and guess what, I don’t feel old. Being old really has nothing to do with age but has everything to do with your mindset.
I can proudly say I’m as young as I want to be.
Stay young