Become the master painter of your life 

I had an epiphany. I’ve always loved Jackson Pollock’s work, he is an American abstract expressionist painter. He painted on large lifelike canvases and used sticks, twigs, brushes, cloth and whatever could to give his work texture and and vibrancy. The result is something very chaotic yet a culmination of rhythm, colour, line and individuality when engulfed by the massive work of art. The viewers interpretation is a personal encounter, that’s the beauty of abstract art and any other art.

I’ve been reluctant to write. To write from the heart. To write with conviction. I was going through pictures on my phone and came across this artist artwork and it not only reminded me of how much I love creativity and self expression through art, it unlocked a new sense of awareness for me.

An awareness that life doesn’t have to Instagram perfect. You can use whatever life throws at you and make something magical. Harmony in the midst of chaos. Only you understand your journey and what it takes to accomplish your goals. This made me think of New Years resolutions. How we are so pumped up to take on the New Year: promising to do better and be better.

When you stand back and admire the Jackson Pollock painting that is your life, you realize how every challenge, strain, setback, achievement, sacrifice is at work creating a masterpiece. It’s not perfect. Not everyone may like it. Not all of us can be Mondrian; blocks of colour – perfect and harmonious.

This as much a revelation to me as I hope it will be you dear reader. Life is action, take whatever twigs and brushes you can get your hands on, get to work on your masterpiece. We all have a different calling and life to lead. Be unconventional, colour outside the box if you must! 

Never shy away from expressing yourself and creating the life you want. I hope this resonates with you in 2018.

Take Care,


Vision and Art

A long awaited evening, our very first exhibition – organised by our own.  A night of vision, creativity and a celebration of women.

Imbokodo the exhibition is the brainchild of an ambitious young woman Seemole Bodirwa whom I have the privilege of calling a friend and sister and fellow creative. She is the founder of Bodirwa Events Decor & Art Gallery.


The theme of the exhibition, titled Imbokodo – pillars of strength. As young women, we are here because of the perseverance, guidance and courage of our mothers; sometimes it was a mother’s reassurance that kept us going when we couldn’t. 


This exhibition celebrates matriarchal strength, timeless beauty, the enigma and success of women, our pillars of strength. The featured artist are five young women from different walks of life brought together by their passion for art;  Seemole Bodirwa, Tokologo Mphaki, Nomfundo Peach, Poeletjo Phaahledi and international artists Netsa Lemma.


Go see the exhibition for yourself not only to celebrate women but most importantly, to support young black talent. 

Take care,


The power of thoughts


When you realise that you are responsible for your own life, life becomes a dare. Yes, you are in charge. After all, it’s your life. You may have played small, shied from your awesomeness and didn’t even believe you can be a slight reflection of the vision God has for your life.

  • We are products of our most predominant thoughts.
  • You are a product of your most predominant thoughts.
  • I am a product of my most predominant thoughts.

Get it? Whatever you keep telling yourself or believe about yourself – it’s true; whether good or bad. So, who then is to blame about the way you feel and how you perceive yourself?

It’s easy to say, stay positive, don’t think negatively; but years of negative thinking cannot be forgotten overnight, that is why a reprogramming of old thoughts is necessary – changing your thinking one day at a time.

Our minds can only bear good fruit if we plant good thoughts. I hope you will begin to analyse your thoughts and align them with your goals.  Allow yourself to think back to the origin of those negative thoughts; challenge your thinking and stop poisoning your life with negativity. And like a child learning something new, repeat and practice –  positive thoughts, positive words and breathe light into your life.

Once again:

  • We are products of our most predominant thoughts
  • You are a product of your most predominant thoughts
  • I am a product of my most predominant thoughts.

I listened to a speech by Marcus Garvey and his words like paint on canvas stuck to my mind: Mind creates; and as much as we desire in nature, we can have through the creation of our own minds. 

Take care,


Entrepreneur with a conscience to be honoured by the royals – CNBC Africa

I attended a leadership talk yesterday, it was such an honour to receive first-hand advice from a seasoned leader such as Elias Masilela. He shared insights about what makes a leader. One of the most profound things he said was that a good leader leads from behind. Often we mistaken leadership for charisma or those who are on the forefront.

One person who embodies good leadership is Wendy Luhabe, doing work behind the scenes yet changing and impacting the lives of many. She will be given the title of Honourary Lieutenant of the royal Victorian Order. A prestigious honour. when asked about the honour she replied saying “I have already received my recognition, and that is the impact I make on the lives of people.” Her passion to uplift women and empower them is what drives her. True leader and inspiration.

Read more about Wendy Luhabe’s award from the British Royal Family here:

Entrepreneur with a conscience to be honoured by the royals – CNBC Africa.

Age ain’t nothing but a number


The thing about time is that it is always moving. Time never stops. Oh how I loathe that! Birthdays are one of the many ways to see how time flies. I haven’t been much of a birthday fan after 21, it’s just the thought of getting old that gets to me. Do I want to stay forever young? Of course not. So, I started writing this post just before my birthday and its now two days later. It was such a special day and guess what, I don’t feel old. Being old really has nothing to do with age but has everything to do with your mindset.
I can proudly say I’m as young as I want to be.
Stay young

Be unleashed – a letter to a young girl

Young girls everywhere are their own biggest critics. I urge all girls to read this letter and understand that they have the power to steer their own lives in the right direction. Forget the nay sayers. Those who bring you down. You are powerful beyond measure. It is only once you believe in yourself that your will power can come alive.

I remember a 16 year old me, I knew I wanted to make a change, I wanted to have an impact and positively influence people not only in my community but the world at large. I am only beginning to make scratch the surface as my inner power gets unleashed with each passing say. If only I knew then what I know now I’d be fully unleashed. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something, to better yourself and to impact someone else’s life.

We can all take a page from a letter by our Public Public (Thuli Madonsela) to her 16 year old insecure self. I hope that it will speak to you, save you and ultimately challenge you to change your life.

Thuli Madonsela’s Letter to Her 16-Year Old Self – O, The Oprah Magazine.

Take care,


A morning thought…

It’s been a while since I last shared something here.  It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride I tell you. But here is a thought for you to ponder:

We’ve all heard the saying “life is unpredictable”. Whenever you wake up in the morning you have no idea of how your day will unfold regardless of how you have planned it. It is life’s unpredictability that makes you want to live life to the fullest! It makes you want to do your best and be your best everyday that you get the opportunity.

Be true to yourself. Learn form others as much as you can. Don’t take yourself too seriously, after all life is unpredictable.

Take care,