Vision and Art

A long awaited evening, our very first exhibition – organised by our own.  A night of vision, creativity and a celebration of women.

Imbokodo the exhibition is the brainchild of an ambitious young woman Seemole Bodirwa who have the privilege of calling a friend and sister. She is the founder of Bodirwa Events Decor & Art Gallery.


 The theme of the exhibition is titled Imbokodo, pillars of strength. As young women, we are here because of the perseverance, guidance and courage of our mothers; sometimes it was a mothers reassurance that kept us going when we couldn’t go on. 


This exhibition celebrates that matriarchal strength, the  timeless beauty, the enigma and the success of women, our pillars of strength. The featured artist are five young women from different walks of life brought together by a passion for art  Seemole Bodirwa, Tokologo Mphaki, Nomfundo Peach, Poeletjo Phaahledi and international artists Netsa Lemma.


Go see the exhibition, celebrate women and most importantly support young black talent. 

Take care, 



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