Venice Biennale: SA Pavilion finally announces artists | Arts and Culture | Art and Design | M&G

I’d like you to read the article first before you jump to any conclusions.

Now that you’ve understood why only one black female artist was chosen, let’s talk.

I’m an artist by profession, however, I am not practicing as an artist. I have a day job. Joy! What my friends and I always talk about is how we as black art proffessionals have little or no support from industry.

Firstly, it’s the lack of support from industry. Art is not what black parents work hard to put us through school for, so the challenge begins at home.
Secondly, we have officials who have no art background making decisions on art matters. We don’t have the right connections to get our work exhibited at an uncle’s friends’gallery.
Thirdly and lastly, we don’t want our work to be categorised as craft because we are female. I’m a fine artist not a crafts lady.

Now, back to the Venice Biennale, what artist doesn’t want to make it to the Biennale? Do we want black female artist to be chosen because of their race and gender? I know I wouldn’t! I’d want to make the list because my work is derserving and within the theme.

We don’t know how many black female artists were part of the selection. What know is that the young black artist’s works spoke of their individual experiences and issues of identity; according to the curators they were looking for artist who raised issues that embraced many aspects – issues that more people can relate to.

Representation of black artists is a pressing issue but this is a matter of context not race or gender.

What’s your take on the matter?






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