Trust me, you’ll love it.

It’s an early December morning; bags are packed; we’ve stocked up on lots of padkos – water, food and snacks. The first leg of our trip has begun. We’re off to mountanious Clarens – a small town in the Free State.

Expectant. Butterflies – everywhere! I’ve always wanted to go to Clarens. For the art and beautiful landscapes. I could hardly contain myself. Nothing but vast land and sky as we leave the city behind. My mind dancing  to the tune in my heart – this day has finally arrived. Pure bliss.


I won’t lie – the trip wasn’t short! Don’t let anyone fool you and say: ”Oh! lets take a short-left to Clarens.” I sat and sat and yes, I sat – only because I had a designated driver ;). The views are spectacular, I marvelled at the splendour and serenity of our beautiful land. A road trip is the best way to experience our magnificent country. Looking at the unspoilt land and delving deeper as we drove on. I was falling in love with #MySouthAfrica.


Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see! The grand entrance to Clarens is enough to blow your mind and have your jaw on the floor for much longer than allowed. As if the gates of heaven have opened up. Entering a sacred space, I immediately felt drawn into a new world – unknown to me. Peaceful. Hidden. Sublime.


The mountains egulf us. How do I capture what I see with utter honesty? I take pictures of every corner, dip; climb and turn we see. Is it enough? This place makes you believe in something; greatness, science or a higher power. I am in awe…

IMG_20141220_102108 IMG_20141220_102146 IMG_20141218_141234 IMG_20141220_102600

You have to go to Clarens and experience it for yourself. You might just find yourself falling inlove with this beautiful place. One thing I know is that I’ll go back in search of peacefulness. Tranquility. Beauty.


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