Dear 13-year old Thando

Oh wow – such wordsmithery is sinful!

If only she knew then what you know now. But then again, you wouldn’t write to her. What a beautiful letter – the kind of stuff autobiographies are made of.

Dear Me


I wanted to write you a letter telling you about how you should avoid making bad decisions and all that, but I thought against it, because I want you to make the bad decisions, because I probably wouldn’t be where I am if you hadn’t. Some things you learn with time, right now you are exactly where you need to be. I wrote this letter on the off chance that you would somehow be able to read it.

We write, because we don’t want our life’s story to be told by our mistakes.  Let me start by saying, you are not your mistakes, nor the mistakes of others. You are not responsible for other people’s actions. Sure I know this now, but I wish you had known, so you could stop walking around with the shame of other people’s mistakes.

Hi, I’m future you. First off, let me commend…

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