Be unleashed – a letter to a young girl

Young girls everywhere are their own biggest critics. I urge all girls to read this letter and understand that they have the power to steer their own lives in the right direction. Forget the nay sayers. Those who bring you down. You are powerful beyond measure. It is only once you believe in yourself that your will power can come alive.

I remember a 16 year old me, I knew I wanted to make a change, I wanted to have an impact and positively influence people not only in my community but the world at large. I am only beginning to make scratch the surface as my inner power gets unleashed with each passing say. If only I knew then what I know now I’d be fully unleashed. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something, to better yourself and to impact someone else’s life.

We can all take a page from a letter by our Public Public (Thuli Madonsela) to her 16 year old insecure self. I hope that it will speak to you, save you and ultimately challenge you to change your life.

Thuli Madonsela’s Letter to Her 16-Year Old Self – O, The Oprah Magazine.

Take care,



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