Conversations with my Sons and Daughters


I’ve started reading a book by Mamphela Ramhele, Conversations with my Sons and Daughters. As an academic, businesswoman, medical doctor, former anti-apartheid activist and now leader and founder of Agang SA a political party. She urges us as citizens to take control of our rights by confronting the issues that affect us.

I am inspired by her courage, strength and the fact that she’s a woman who has overcome and achieved so much. As an anti-apartheid activist she fought against the worst kind of oppression but her generation never gave up the fight.

In her book, she addresses and highlights certain issues about the state of our government and the mindset of the youth of South Africa in an insightful conversation with us her sons and daughters.

In African culture, elders are regarded as a parents and as a young person you respect them because they are old enough to fit that role. So listen our mother speaking out of great concern for her children.

If you have read the book or just want to share/ discuss some pointers please don’t hesitate.

Take Care


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