Are you supposed to be somewhere?


We carry on about where we are supposed to be and wander through the day on a tight schedule. We are always rushing to some or other place – never in the moment. Are you supposed to be somewhere? I was asked this question and I was left speechless – confused as though I was asked to solve for x!

Are you supposed to be somewhere? Yes or No? Quite a straight forward question, right? Wrong! Searching deeper into what it really means- I was left numb. Numbed and overcome by the overwhelming sense of presence. Being present. If I’m supposed to be somewhere – who then, should occupy the present?
I know this sounds very sublime – and yes it is.

After reading A New Earth– Eckhart Tolle I have often challenged myself to become present and be one with the moment. I have realised that I should accept what is happening now and take it as a learning experience, a stepping stone to the next phase of my life.

Having faced so many challenges in a very short period, I’ve had to centre myself and allow life to unfold as it would- without opposing the current flow. I’ve had to go through those challenges in order to be where I am. That is my journey it is different from anyone else’s.

Stay in your life path and embrace all obstacles and milestones. Always be present whatever your situation. Ask yourself- what the lesson is.

I understand now that all things happen at a pre-set time. The kind of order and precision we have no control over but should accept.

So, to answer that question. No, I’m right where I need to be. Present.

Take Care
Nomfundo Peach


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