Our behaviour, dress code, and even the tone of our voice are signals that give away bits of information to the world about us, thus creating a perception about who we are.
Are you sending the right message to the world?
Who are we beneath the facades? Who are you when you are alone?
The media has flooded us with products and ways to ‘better’ ourselves and to project ourselves in a manner that is somewhat acceptable to our peers. Does that mean there is something wrong with us, or better yet, are we so insecure that we would rather send wrong signals than be true to who we really are?
We are ‘trained’ to portray different images of what looks cool, hot, sexy, even serious and poised therefore the world picks up those exterior signals and forms its own perceptions.
But who are we in this material world? I am in no way implying that our choice of clothing is arbitrary to who we are (likes and environment). We decide on certain items of clothing mostly for a specific reason thus at the back of our minds we are pulling the strings of worldly perceptions but,
how often does our self image align with worldly perceptions?
We should think about what we are communicating to the world everytime we step outside because that is how the world will respond to you.

Take care
Nomfundo Peach


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