Social Responsibility

Who is responsible for you, who looks out for those we’ve left back at home?
Who are you waiting for?
Who holds the key to their future?
Who will shine the light, the wisdom and lend a hand to a lost generation.
A generation whose dreams conform to the mediocrity of their space-
we point fingers at the lack of development in our rural communities, and are quick to judge or mock.

We rant about poor education systems by our government, the rising stats in teenage pregnancies and unemployment of our youth. As the youth, a youth that is privileged to have left our poverty stricken, under developed communities to further our studies and make a name for ourselves in the cities it is our responsibility to uplift our society.

One small act can greatly motivate and change a persons outlook on life, but all we do when we go back home (to the small towns) we carry ourselves as pompous ”holier than thou” brats, forgetting that we walked the very streets.

We are not only doing it for ourselves but every peer you’ve left behind because you had better opportunities looks up to you. It is sad that now that you wear better clothes and have an accent you no longer relate to them.
Of course the level of thinking has broadened therefore the issue of relation is warranted.

I remember a lecturer of mine discussing the concept of information, she profoundly states that ”you lose nothing by sharing information”… that has been engraved in my mind from that very day. I was astonished at the impact this would have if we all shared what we knew- shared to add value to another persons life and that person did the same thus creating a ripple effect.

The progression/ development of this nation relies on each and everyone of us. If we all took the initiative to listen, converse; swallow our pride and simply say hello to the girl or guy who you grew up with down the street we’d be well on our way to building a united nation.

Take care


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