The SOCIaL MeDia buG!!

So, I’ve been up for the past two hours but I find that I’m still in bed, phone in hand and clicking frantically!

There is so much happening in social media and time just gracefully passes by as I tweet, re-tweet, google, email, chat, post, comment and now– blog!
I sometimes cringe at “The social media bug” because it comes with some serious side effects!

These include:

– Poor or lack of Communication: people ignoring or just not talking to one another since their faces are glued to their phones/ latest gadgets jumping from one app to another updating their statuses!

– Wreckless Driving! I’ve seen not one but many people on the road, behind the wheel texting and driving!!! How irresponsible is that? I’m sure you can miss 10-45min without your checking your phone?! I think this is a serious issue now since it involves the safety of other people on the road! PUT that phone away and be a safe driver…

Don’t try defending yourself like those people who drink and drive and have the audacity to claim that their are better drivers in their drunken state! unFreakinBelievable!!
It may not happen now or tomorrow, but accidents DO happen!

Be a responsible citizen on the road.

-Lastly be in control of the Social Media Bug. Don’t forget the people who are around you and with you everyday because you are so immersed in your online life.

These are the people who care and are there for you, so a hello and a little of your attention (without any social jargon and bbm smileys) will show that you are still human and can communicate like one.

Yes, its no doubt that social media never rests– with the different time zones its true the world is always awake – but at some point YOU need to take a break from it and get in touch with reality!

When you know better, you DO better.
Take Care*


3 thoughts on “The SOCIaL MeDia buG!!

  1. This same behaviour of driving while on the phone, almost cost me and others their lives, since that day I had invested in a different approach to handling my phone when driving, decided to put it in my handbag until I get a handfree kid. I hope that we can come up with a way of really educating people when it comes to this.


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